Harbour Holidays

Remember when....?

There’s no doubt about it, kids see the world differently. Ask your brood about their favourite holiday memory and we bet you’d be surprised, delighted and ready to book all over again. It’s the way they tell them…

“I have all sorts of memories of Padstow holidays – mostly going out and doing stuff. I remember me and two of my brothers once caught more than ten crabs off the quay (with the help of some fellow crabbers). We released all of them at the same time and it was really funny to see them all scurrying down the slipway.” Alice, 15

“My best summer memory is when Mummy, Daddy and I cycled along the Camel Trail. We had a picnic on the way and I raced Mummy and I won!” Poppy, 8

“When I was younger, I loved the lobster hatchery. It was slightly mind-boggling to see all the processes that it took to breed lobsters, and, being a kid, obviously one of the best parts was getting to buy something in the gift shop. I remember once buying a purple pencil and being really excited. A whole pencil!” Alice, 15.

“Me and Dad would get ice creams and sit on the quay. He used to always pretend to get a bit annoyed because I would take so long choosing the flavour. One time, I was swinging my legs so much I lost a flip flop. Dad just laughed.” Luke, 16

“The thing I enjoy the most about my summers in Cornwall are barbecuing in the dunes at Constantine in the evening. Plus seeing seals in the sea at Harlyn. We thought they were surfers at first! They were very cute.” Dad, 48.

“You can’t beat the fish and chips. Our Friday treat is getting them and taking them back to the house then eating them straight out of the box. We sit outside on the patio, even if it’s raining. It makes it funnier. It’s just what we do as a family. I love it.” Luke, 16.

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